About us

Rockstick Production video production company deals with producing live broadcasts of events, promotional videos and music videos. Our team consists of people who are professional in TV, media and IT. Aside from the high-quality solutions, we are also open to brave and original ideas.

Kristen Kivistik – producer/director

Kristen Kivistik, who is one of the founders of Rockstick Production, is a young and talented audiovisual media student in the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School. Kristen’s participation in sports as an athlete, events organiser and a head of the media has equipped him with a vast package of experience, which enables to offer the best solutions in event broadcasts. Kristen enjoys being a technical producer during live broadcasts, but what is more, he has great leadership skills to work as a multi-camera director. His portfolio includes several broadcasts of different international sports events, where the broadcast from the European Road Championships of 2015 is claimed to be most important. As a director, Kristen has gathered a set of skills in many multi-camera recordings of live concerts and live broadcasts of entertainment events.

Evelyn Saks – producer

Evelyn Saks, the newest team member in Rockstick Production, is a talented producer and a good communicator. She is a professional in producing different projects: fast, client-friendly and inventive. Worry turns to joy and problems become solutions under Evelyn’s watch. Despite her young age, she has already worked as the media director in European Innovation Academy and cooperated with the prominent stars of Estonian music landscape, such as Karl-Erik Taukar, Jaagup Kreem, Uku Suviste, Wild Disease and Põhja-Tallinn. The music videos which are produced by Evelyn have gathered more than 100 000 views in the Internet and they have been shown in television. During Rockstick Production’s live broadcasts, Evelyn’s task is to create a working schedule and to take care of the team, which is one of the most important components in achieving the best result.